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2510 Highway 78,
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East Walker County Chamber Of Commerce

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The East Walker County Chamber of Commerce was chartered in 1975 for the purpose of promoting the advancement of civic, commercial, industrial and agricultural interests of East Walker County and the surrounding communities in West Jefferson County, as well as the general welfare and prosperity of our area. 

In short, we are an organization of business, professional and other concerned citizens, working together for the common good of the community. 

Membership is extended to any business, professional, or individual person desiring to assist in promoting our mission.  The cities served by East Walker Chamber are Cordova, Dora, Sipsey and Sumiton.


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Profile: Hezikiah

Hezikiah WalkerHezikiah Walker was born and raised in Dora, and he’s lived here for most of his life. He graduated from Dora High School in 1971.
He entered the Army in 1973 and completed four years of active duty and 27 years in the reserves.
He was in the Military Police, and later became a trainer and evaluator for Uncle Sam.
He became a State Trooper in the early 1980s working out of the Birmingham office. Walker retired in 2012.
His time with the troopers offered many opportunities to deal with people in different situations. “Most people weren’t happy to get a ticket, but I chose to approach each encounter in a professional manner,” he said. He went on to say that most people know they deserved a ticket, but they appreciated being treated with respect.
Since retirement, Walker has been busy. He was elected to the Dora City Council, involved with several civic organizations, and with church activities at St. Johns Baptist Church in Dora. It’s the church where his family attended all his life. He’s is a deacon, and church treasurer there.
He’s vice president of East Walker Chamber of Commerce. “I don’t currently own a business, but there’s a chance I might start one in the future,” he said.
Walker believes that the Chamber of Commerce is an important organization for communities. He got involved to try to bring outside businesses to the area.
The only way to keep this area vital is to bring in new business, he explained.
He’s married to Karen with two sons, Phillip and Benjamin. Phillip works at Glover Pharmacy and is a bishop in the Church of God. He has one son Judah and expecting another child soon. Benjamin works with the state department of transportation. Karen is a registered nurse but she works in administration for UAB Hospital.
Walker says he has no political aspirations at this time. He is a Mason and a member of the G Men, which is a group of men who work with young males trying to get them started off in the right direction. “We need more male leadership in our community,” he said.




East Walker Chamber Ambassador Program

We are very excited about the Ambassador program.  This is a great opportunity for both the chamber as well as the ambassadors.  Our primary goal to expose them to a civic organization at a young age, our hope is when they settle into communities as adults they will want to continue to serve.  Our program gives the ambassadors exposure to community leaders, instills leadership qualities and their time will qualify as service hours.  The Chamber will be able to utilize these folks to promote our efforts in their respective schools and communities.  

East Walker Chamber of Commerce meets the second Tuesday of east month at noon at Lees Family Restaurant on Highway 78 in Sumiton.
Visitors Welcome.

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